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Accepting team invitations

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Welcome to VPN Tracker: Connect to your team’s VPN and remotely access your network from home or on the go on Mac, iPhone & iPad.

This guide takes you through the ins and outs of getting started with VPN Tracker - beginning with receiving your initial email invitation from your admin.

Accepting the email invitation

Your admin will send you an email invitation to your company's VPN Tracker team:


Click on the link in the email to create a new account and join the team:

Click accept invitation to open the account creation view


Create a new equinux account with your company email address


You will now be redirected back to the original web page where you will see your invitation in the overview. Click the button to join the team:

Click to accept the invitation with your new account

Download VPN Tracker

VPN Tracker enterprise rollout tools allow your admin to remotely install VPN Tracker onto your device and pre-authorise the System Extension on your work Mac.

However, if your admin hasn't already pre-installed VPN Tracker for you, you can download the apps free here:


System Extension for macOS

The first time you launch VPN Tracker on your Mac, you may need to grant it permission to create VPN connections for you.

First please make sure VPN Tracker is in your Applications folder and complete these steps locally on the Mac (i.e. not over Screen Sharing, Remote Desktop or other remote access tool).

Important: macOS notices when you run remote desktop systems like TeamViewer, Apple Remote Desktop, VNC or similar. and hides these buttons. You MUST be local to the Mac.

To authorise the System Extension...

  • Open System Settings
  • Go to Security
  • Click "Allow" and enter your password (if you do not have admin privileges for your Mac, you will need to contact your IT department)

Logging in

When you log in for the first time with a new account, you will be prompted to verify your email address (if you have not done so already):

Confirm your email address to get started


Recovery key

Following your first login, VPN Tracker will generate a recovery key for you. Be sure to make a note of this in a safe place, as it can be used to preserve access to your connection data should you lose your password.

Make a note of your recovery key in case you lose access to your connections (e.g. lost password)

Connect to VPN

As soon as you've successfully logged in to VPN Tracker on your device, you can view your available Team Connections:

View your available team connections


Providing your admin has assigned you a VPN Tracker license, you should be able to get connected to your company network right away. Just click or tap the connection slider.

Important: In many cases, you will be required to enter a username and password to start the VPN - this is usually your company login, however, if you are unsure, please contact your network admin.


Access pending?

Occasionally, you may have to wait for your admin to manually grant you access to the connection. This is indicated by the yellow clock icon in the sidebar:

Once your admin grants you connection access, you can get started

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