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All about new VPN Tracker editions

By GabrielleAugust 30, 2023September 7th, 2023No Comments

Today we are announcing some big changes to our VPN Tracker editions: including significant updates to existing editions, 3 brand new, streamlined editions for standard usage, plus the retirement of our + and Team Member editions.

Introducing new VPN Tracker editions


Check out this guide to get the lowdown on all the latest changes, as well as how to update your plan and unlock free benefits!


What's new in all VPN Tracker editions?

Today we're rolling out new and updated VPN Tracker editions. We've made it easier to find the right edition for your needs:

  • All VPN Tracker editions now support all VPN protocols! Connect to IPsec, IKEV2, PPTP (macOS only), L2TP (macOS only), OpenVPN, SonicWall SSL, Fortinet SSL, Cisco AnyConnect SSL, SSTP, WireGuard® in any edition
  • All editions can share connections to TeamCloud
  • The number of connections an edition supports no longer distinguishes between Personal Safe, TeamCloud or local connections
  • Editing any connection now offers the same experience across Mac, iOS and

Introducing new VPN Tracker editions for individuals

For getting started

We now offer a new entry-level edition – VPN Tracker Basic, which lets you set up your first VPN connection: Connect to one VPN, any protocol on your Mac, no frills, no fuss.

For regular users

The standard "VPN Tracker for Mac" edition is now called VPN Tracker Personal and supports all VPN protocols.

For advanced users

New VPN Tracker Executive gives team managers and regular users with additional VPN requirements a subtle power boost: Connect to 15 VPN connections on Mac and iOS, with support for all protocols, and simultaneous connections, plus selected productivity features like Net Scanner and InfiniConnect.

New benefits for VIP and Consultant editions

We've also made some important changes for admins and consultants using VPN Tracker VIP and Consultant editions.

As an existing VPN Tracker VIP or Consultant customer, you automatically unlock the following benefits at no extra cost when you switch to an updated plan version:

  • VPN Tracker for iPhone and iPad support is now included! Connect to your VPN on the go on your iOS devices – no extra cost or setup required
  • Store even more team connections (100 connections for VIP and 400 for Consultant)
  • As TeamCloud connections are counted the same as regular connections, you can share more connections with your colleagues
  • Web-based editing: Securely create and edit VPN connections on the web on any device

How to switch to an updated version

To unlock your additional benefits, log in to your my.vpntracker account and update your plan:

Update your VPN Tracker plan to unlock free benefits

The remaining balance of your current plan will be credited towards your new plan and you can start using all new features right away!

FAQs and Further changes

I'm already using VPN Tracker, can I switch to a new plan?

Absolutely! Just visit your plan upgrade page to purchase an early renewal. The remaining value of your plan will be credited toward your new plan.

What happened to VPN Tracker+ plans?

VPN Tracker+ plans are being discontinued. Instead you can now choose an edition that includes iPhone and iPad support.

What happened to VPN Tracker Team and Team Member?

These plans are being retired. We recommend VPN Tracker Personal or VPN Tracker Executive for your team members instead.

Can I keep my old plan?

Yes, existing plans will continue to renew unchanged, providing you have activated auto-renewal. Note that if your plan expires you will only be able to purchase one of the new plans.

I am using auto-renewal. Will my plan automatically switch over?

Legacy VPN Tracker plans will not automatically switch to the updated version. To unlock the new benefits, update your plan at where your pro-rated discount will be applied

What happens if my plan expires?

If your current plan expires and you do not have auto-renewal activated, you can choose from the new VPN Tracker editions. Please note that legacy plans will not be available to repurchase.

Not sure which edition you need now? Check out our editions guide.

Need support?

For help with any plan-related queries, please get in touch with our VPN Tracker support team who will be happy to assist you further.

New to VPN Tracker?

Discover all new editions and design a plan which works best for you and your team.

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