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New: Connect to IKEv2 VPN in VPN Tracker

By GabrielleJuly 26, 2023August 8th, 2023No Comments

It’s our mission to make VPN Tracker the Swiss Army Knife of VPN clients and today we’re excited to introduce the 10th VPN protocol in VPN Tracker: IKEv2.

Get multi-protocol VPN support in the Swiss Army Knife of VPN clients

IKEv2 connections are available in the latest VPN Tracker version and we'd love to hear your feedback! Check out the full update guide below for more information on IKEv2 support in VPN Tracker and how to start testing your connections.

Connect to your device with IKEv2 IPsec VPN

Connect to Zyxel USG Flex via IKEv2 VPN

Custom IKEv2 VPN connections

VPN Tracker also contains a custom IKEv2 profile meaning you can create a connection for your specific IKEv2 setup requirements.

At a glance: IKEv2 support in VPN Tracker

  • Newly-designed IKEv2 engine
  • Ready-made profiles for popular IKEv2 gateways
  • Manual control over specific encryption settings for power users
  • Support for automatic encryption negotiation
  • Auto-Config: Automatically receive remote networks and topology settings
  • High-performance connection speeds with Apple M1 and M2 chips
  • Long-term support for a wide range of encryption options
  • Authentication via username and password or Pre-Shared Key

We've got your back where Apple doesn't!

Apple’s built in IKEv2 VPN will drop support for some IKEv2 connections in future (i.e. connections using 3DES, DH-Groups lower than 14 and SHA1 96/160.) Don’t panic yet — VPN Tracker's own IKEv2 implementation always has your back and will continue to support them!


IKEv2 IPsec connections are available in VPN Tracker Pro, VIP, Consultant, Team Member, and Team Member Plus editions, with support for iPhone and iPad rolling out in corresponding VPN Tracker for iOS editions.

Start connecting to IKEv2 VPN

  1. Download the latest VPN Tracker version
  2. Choose your vendor or create a custom connection
  3. Enter your connection details and go!

Follow the steps in the wizard to set up your new IKEv2 connection


Tip: Never miss another update

Want to be the first to hear about new features and protocol support in VPN Tracker? Activate pre-release testing to become a member of our exclusive Insider Program!

Go to VPN Tracker > Settings > General and select Get early access to Pre-Release versions to be notified whenever a new version is available to test:

Want early access? Activate beta testing in VPN Tracker for Mac

New to VPN Tracker?

Start your free, 7 day VPN Tracker trial today to test all the latest features.

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