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New: VPN Tracker with Cisco AnyConnect SSL Optimization

By GabrielleDecember 7, 2022No Comments

Today we're rolling out two updates which are particularly relevant for Cisco AnyConnect VPN users:

Both updates bring important performance optimizations for Cisco AnyConnect SSL VPN users as well as a productivity update and Personal Safe improvements.

What's new in VPN Tracker for Mac?

Active Connection Filter

The last update introduced the Active Connection Filter to VPN Tracker for Mac: Hit ⌘ + L to filter active connections and get instant access.

New: The filter now also sorts by most recently used and remembers more connections:

Cisco AnyConnect SSL Optimization

The team have carried out the following performance updates for Cisco AnyConnect SSL VPN connections:

  • Support for client certificates for OpenConnect servers.
  • Support for generic "question/answer" flows during authentication (used for MFA by some gateways).
  • Improved MFA query detection for some gateways.
  • Connections that require Cisco Secure Desktop will now show an appropriate message

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Further improvements in this version

  • PPTP: An issue that could cause unexpected disconnects has been fixed
  • An issue with accessing Personal Safe has been fixed
  • Further performance and stability updates

What's new in VPN Tracker for iOS?

Improved AnyConnect Support

  • Support for OpenConnect connections using client certificates
  • Connections that require Cisco Secure Desktop will now show an appropriate message

AnyConnect: 2FA/MFA support

  • Support for additional questions during 2FA flows used by certain gateways
  • Compatibility with more 2FA setups

How to update

This is a free update for all existing VPN Tracker users.

For Mac users: To update to VPN Tracker version 22.4.1, go to VPN Tracker > Check for updates:

Alternatively, you can download the latest version here.

For iOS users: Version 1.2.4 will be rolling out over the next few days. Get the latest version from the App Store.

New to VPN Tracker?

Start your free, 7 day VPN Tracker trial today to test all the latest features.

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