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Setting Up VPN Tracker for Your Team

By GabrielleJuly 13, 2023No Comments

VPN Tracker is perfectly optimized for professional teams; from small businesses all the way up to enterprise-level organizations.

Team manager or IT admin? Use this guide to set up VPN Tracker for your team and start utilizing TeamCloud productivity features, including secure, cloud-based connection sharing, team management tools, and zero-trust access controls.


Enterprise rollout

Before you start: Find out how to remotely install VPN Tracker for your team and create a custom onboarding workflow in our enterprise rollout guide →

Create a VPN Tracker account

To set up VPN Tracker for your team, you will need a VPN Tracker account. If you have not done so already, you can set up a free account at

Create your VPN Tracker account

Setting up your VPN Tracker team

As soon as you have made a VPN Tracker account, you can create your team and start adding plans and users right away.

At, click on the dropdown arrow next to Personal, then click Set up Team:

Set up a new VPN Tracker team

You can now give your team a name, then, in the next step, start adding your first team members.

Enter a name and email address for each team member, then select a role from the dropdown menu. Roles determine which actions a team member is authorized to perform (e.g. editing connections or accessing invoices.):

Invite members and select roles

Invited members will then receive an invitation via email:

New members will be sent a VPN Tracker team invitation email

Additional onboarding methods:

Need to bulk invite team members?

Before you complete team setup, you have the option to add team domains - i.e. company email domains that will automatically recognize your team when a team member creates an account with their company email address.

You will also receive a personalized join link for your team (e.g. to post in your company intranet or bulletin board.)

Additional onboarding measures for new team users

Click on Finish setup to create your team.

Purchasing licenses

Now you have set up a team, you can start purchasing licenses for team members. Each team member needs their own license in order to use VPN Tracker. Choose from flexible license options for Mac, iOS, or both.

To add licenses, go to your team's overview page. Under the heading Licenses, you will see different plan options. Click Add Plans to be redirected to the VPN Tracker Team Store:

VPN Tracker Team Store (please note, plan prices may vary from the example)


Once you have added plans for your team, they will show up on your team's start page under Licenses, where you can assign them to team members:

Newly purchased licenses will be displayed on your team's overview page

Assigning plans

As soon as a team member has accepted your invitation, you can assign them one of your available VPN Tracker licenses.

In the team overview section you will see a list of your team members and their roles. To assign a new team member a license, go to the Plans column and click to select an available license:

Click to assign available licenses

Team Management

The previous steps described the basics of setting up a VPN Tracker team. However, VPN Tracker also offers additional team management features which we explain in the next section of this guide.

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Inviting additional members

You can invite additional team members via email under the section Invite on your team's overview page:

Invite additional team members


Managing team members

The team overview table contains all the information you need about your current team members. To manage a team member, go to the Actions tab and click Settings to open the action panel:


Manage users via the action panel

Here you have the option to:

  • Update or revoke their plan
  • View connections they have access to
  • Manage user groups
  • Contact via email
  • Remove them from the team (i.e. if they are leaving the company)

Additional team settings

After you have created your team, you can apply extra settings to customize VPN Tracker for your company.

Adding a team logo

A team logo helps your team members recognize your team in the app sidebar and also reinforces your brand’s image.

On your team's overview page, scroll to Settings, where you can upload a light and dark version of your company logo:

Upload your company logo to customize VPN Tracker for your team

This logo will then be displayed next to your team name in VPN Tracker. Please note, logos are only visible for VPN Tracker VIP and Team Member license holders.

Payments and subscriptions

In addition to managing and assigning VPN Tracker licenses, you can also manage your subscriptions and payments at

In order to access payment information, either a Manager or Billing role is required.

Manage subscriptions

To manage your current subscriptions, click Subscriptions in the sidebar menu. Here you’ll see an overview of your existing plans, as well as your purchase history and information about auto renewals:

View and manage your team's current plan(s) under Subscriptions


Consolidate plans

If you have multiple plans with varying end dates, you can consolidate these into one plan with a single end date in order to simplify the billing process. Simply select the plans you’d like to combine and click Combine Subscriptions at the bottom of the window:

Consolidate multiple active plans into one combined plan


Automatic renewals

By default, the automatic renewal feature is activated for all subscriptions to ensure users in your team don't need to worry about unexpectedly losing VPN access.

To manage your auto renewal settings, simply use the slider in your plan overview on the Subscriptions page:

Manage your auto renewal settings

On this page, you will always be able to check the auto renewal status of your plan(s) - i.e. if and when a plan will auto renew.


Accessing Invoices

Go to the Invoices tab to view and download past invoices for your records:

Access team invoices

New to VPN Tracker?

Start your free, 7 day VPN Tracker trial today to test all the latest features.

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