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Connect to WireGuard VPN on Mac, iPhone, iPad

By GabrielleAugust 21, 2023No Comments

WireGuard® is a lightweight, open source VPN protocol which is rapidly growing in popularity due to its easy setup and impressive connection speeds.

VPN connections are made by securely exchanging public keys and can be set up in seconds. Connections can be imported onto your Mac, iPhone or iPad using a dedicated configuration file or QR code – making getting connected to your network a breeze.

Want to try out WireGuard and set up a VPN connection to your network? VPN Tracker fully supports WireGuard VPN for both Mac and iOS! Get connected in seconds – thanks to the practical connection assistant.

Setting up WireGuard VPN on your device

This guide is generalized for all WireGuard® compatible gateways. For device-specific instructions, get in touch with your gateway manufacturer.

As a general benchmark, follow these steps to set up a WireGuard VPN server:

  1. Log in to your device’s web interface and locate the VPN settings
  2. Choose WireGuard® from the VPN options and fill out the required fields
  3. Save your new connection to generate your personalized configuration file or QR code (you’ll need this for the next step!)

Connect to WireGuard VPN server in VPN Tracker

VPN Tracker creates a secure WireGuard VPN connection to your network and enables you to connect remotely on Mac, iPhone, and iPad. This way, you can safely access network resources like file servers, printers and scanners, smart devices, etc whilst on the go.

Set up your connection:

  1. Open the VPN Tracker Connection Creator for WireGuard VPN
  2. Upload the configuration file you generated on your device, or scan the QR code with your iPhone or iPad to import your connection details:
  3. Save your new connection in your account using end-to-end encryption for easy access on all your devices in VPN Tracker

Your VPN Tracker benefits

  • Secure remote access to your company network, home office, and Smart Home - all in one app
  • Use your own VPN gateway
  • Ready-made profiles for 300+ VPN devices
  • Configuration wizard for a smooth and fast setup
  • For Mac, iPhone, iPad
  • Discover all features
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