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How to Migrate an OpenVPN Connection from Tunnelblick

By GabrielleMay 26, 2023June 29th, 2023No Comments

Tunnelblick is a straightforward, open source VPN client for users looking for bare bones OpenVPN compatibility on Mac. Although Tunnelblick gets the job done, users often find themselves looking for that little bit extra – think connection sharing, team management, VPN productivity features, etc.

Looking for a Tunnelblick alternative? VPN Tracker lets you keep the easy OpenVPN setup you know from Tunnelblick and adds unrivalled support for iPhone and iPad, plus secure, cloud-based connection sharing, custom access controls, and advanced configuration options to perfectly meet your team's needs.

Transfer your Tunnelblick connection to VPN TrackerHere's how to migrate a Tunnelblick OpenVPN connection to use with VPN Tracker, the best Tunnelblick alternative for teams & power users.

P.S. Existing VPN Tracker for Mac user? Click here!

Transfer Tunnelblick VPN connection

Follow these steps to quickly transfer your Tunnelblick OpenVPN configuration to VPN Tracker:

~/Library/Application Support/Tunnelblick/Configurations/
  • Rename the .tblk file extension to .ovpn, then import into the VPN Tracker Connection Creator

Enter this path to locate your Tunnelblick configuration file

Using the VPN Tracker for Mac import tool for Tunnelblick

If you already have VPN Tracker for Mac, use the import tool to directly migrate your Tunnelblick configuration to use with VPN Tracker:

    • Go to File > Import > Tunnelblick connections

  • Hit ⌘ ⇧+ G to open the "Go to" panel
  • Paste in the following path to locate your connection:
~/Library/Application Support/Tunnelblick/Configurations/

Select the Tunnelblick configuration you want to import

You can now start using your OpenVPN connection in VPN Tracker.

Tip: Right-click your connection and select 'Share with team' to provide secure remote access to team members – no extra config required!

Share your OpenVPN connection with your team

The Tunnelblick alternative for teams

  • Direct OpenVPN connection import from Tunnelblick
  • Secure, cloud-based connection sharing for multiple users and devices
  • Set up split-tunneling, DNS, user authentication methods, and more
  • 1:1 expert customer support
  • For Mac, iPhone, iPad
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