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How to Set up 2FA for Your VPN Tracker Account

By GabrielleJuly 6, 2023July 17th, 2023No Comments

VPN Tracker TeamCloud already provides the highest grade end-to-end encryption for VPN connections stored in your account. With Two-Factor Authentication, your account and connection data are given an additional layer of protection by requiring more than just a password to sign in.

This guide explains step-by-step how to set up 2FA for your VPN Tracker account to use with your authenticator method.


Set up Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

To set up 2FA for your VPN Tracker account, log in at

Log in with your equinux ID and password


Now, go to the tab Multifactor Authentication and click the button to start setting up 2FA:

Click to open 2FA setup


You will now see an automatically generated QR code which you can use to link your VPN Tracker account to your authenticator app or password manager:

Set up your authenticator app

Option 1: Scan QR code

Open your preferred authenticator app, add a new authentication and scan the QR code generated in the last step. For example, supported authenticator / password manager apps include:

  • Google Authenticator
  • Microsoft Authenticator
  • FreeOTP
  • 1Password
  • bitwarden

Add a new account to Google Authenticator

Option 2: Use the Passwords feature on macOS and iOS

Alternatively, if you're using Safari, right-click (or long tap for iOS) the QR code and select Set up Verification Code to use the built in 2FA feature.

Set up a Safari verification code


Then, select your id.equinux account in the pop up window:


Once setup is complete, your verification code will be automatically filled in whenever you log in to your VPN Tracker account:

Safari will autofill your 2fa code


To manually access your verification code (i.e. if autocomplete does not work), go to Safari > Settings and search for

Option 3: Access Key (manual setup)

If you don't have access to a device with a camera, or your authenticator doesn't support scanning QR codes, you can also set up your VPN Tracker account with your authentication method using a unique access key.

Find your access key underneath the QR code on the setup page:

Copy your unique authentication key if you don't have camera access

Paste the key into your authenticator app


Once you've successfully added your VPN Tracker account to your chosen authentication method, enter your one-time verification code at and click Save to finish setup:

Enter the code generated by your OTP app to complete setup


You will now be shown your new authentication method in your account:

Logging in to VPN Tracker using 2FA

As soon as you've set up 2FA for your VPN Tracker account, a one-time password will be required each time you log in to any of the following services:

  • VPN Tracker for Mac app
  • VPN Tracker for iPhone & iPad app
  • (for team management and billing info)
  • VPN Tracker World Connect apps

Sign in to VPN Tracker for Mac using 2FA

What happens if I lose access to my device?

Should you lose access to your authentication method (e.g. lost device), you can use recovery codes to sign into your VPN Tracker account.

To generate recovery codes, go to Multifactor Authentication > Use recovery codes and click the button to get started with setup:

Click to set up recovery codes will now generate a list of 10 unique recovery codes, so you can still log in to your account if you lose access to your authentication method:

Generate your unique recovery codes to ensure you can always log in to your account

Remember to download, print or copy your codes and store them in a safe place.

Using recovery codes

If you find yourself locked out of your VPN Tracker account - e.g. because you don't have access to your authentication method - you can use recovery codes to log in to and reset your 2fa settings.

Log in with your regular username and password, then click "Change login method":


In the next window, choose Recovery Authentication Code:


Then enter the recovery code as prompted in the text field (e.g. Recovery Code #1) to sign in:


You can now return to the 2fa setup window and delete your existing setup:

Delete your existing 2FA setup to reconfigure access for your new device / authenticator app

Once you've deleted your old setup, you can go ahead and reconfigure 2FA for your new device or authenticator app.

Generating new recovery codes

You can generate a new set of recovery codes at any time via your id.equinux account. Please note that newly generated codes will overwrite the originally generated codes.

I have lost access to my account and don't have my recovery codes

If you no longer have your recovery codes, 2FA can be reset by the equinux support team. Please note that for security reasons, manual 2FA reset will take up to 72h to process, to reduce the risk to accounts.

To proceed, please contact equinux support with your equinux ID and our team will let you know which additional data is required to reset your 2FA setup.

Support and availability for 2FA

2FA support is available for all VPN Tracker accounts.

To enable Two-Factor Authentication for VPN Tracker apps, please ensure you're updated to the latest VPN Tracker version for your device:

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