New: VPN Tracker for iOS Version 1.1 - Connect on Demand, Widgets, and more!

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The VPN Tracker team is thrilled to announce the first major update to VPN Tracker for iPhone and iPad! This new version brings a whole host of exciting new productivity features designed to streamline your VPN workflow, including VPN on Demand and support for Home and Lock Screen widgets.

Find out everything that’s new in VPN Tracker for iOS version 1.1 in our update guide…

Widgets have arrived!

New: Lock Screen Widget

iOS 16 saw the introduction of handy Lock Screen widgets to iPhone. Missing the og VPN indicator in the status bar? We feel your pain! You can now directly toggle your VPN connection right on your iPhone Lock Screen - with a practical live status view.

How it works

  • Tap and hold your Lock Screen and tap customise
  • Touch the Widgets section of the screen to open the Widgets library

Add the VPN Tracker Widget from the widget library

  • Tap to insert the VPN Tracker Widget
  • Tap on the Widget to choose a connection (e.g. 'Home' or 'Office')

Choose a VPN connection

  • You can now use the Widget to toggle your connection on and off. The “on” indicator shows you your current connection status:

Toggle your VPN connection via your iPhone Lock Screen

Trying out new Focus Mode wallpapers in iOS 16? Remember to add the new VPN Tracker Widget in "Work" mode to have your work VPN at your fingertips at all times.

Tip: You can even switch between different VPN connections depending which mode you're in.

New: Home Screen Widgets

You can now also add a practical VPN Tracker widget to your iPhone Home Screen and get access to up to 6 connections. Choose from 3 different widget styles...

Choose your favorite connection (e.g. home office)

Choose your top 3 connections - great for switching between offices

Choose your top 6 connections - great for consultants or power users

How it works

  • Tap and hold your Home Screen
  • Tap the + icon to add a new Widget
  • Find VPN Tracker and choose from one of 3 new Widget styles
  • Tap the new Widget to select your VPN connection(s)

VPN on Demand (VIP + Consultant)

Switching between apps on your iPhone can be super annoying when you're in a rush and trying to get things done. The new VPN on Demand feature - exclusive for VIP and Consultant plans - detects when you’re trying to access services that require VPN access and connects you automatically.

Use for:

  • Internal websites (e.g. Intranet)
  • File servers
  • FileMaker databases
  • Smart Home apps
  • And more!

How does it work?

How does it work? AutoConnect on Demand uses the DNS search domains configured for your connection. Once enabled, your last used VPN will automatically connect when you access a website or service that matches the DNS search domain.

To set up VPN on demand, launch VPN Tracker, go to Settings > Connection Settings and tap the slider next to On Demand for Search Domains.

VPN Tracker will then automatically connect you when you try and access VPN-dependent services.

New: Set up VPN on Demand in VPN Tracker for iOS 1.1

Enjoy seamless access to essential services, whenever you need it.

Further fixes & improvements

The latest update also adds the following improvements for VPN Tracker on iPhone and iPad:

  • New: Support for Sophos XGS-Series Firewalls
  • Performance and compatibility updates for SSTP connections
  • Take your time: When signing in to your VPN, timeouts are automatically handled and your VPN will reconnect once you've finished entering your credentials
  • Further performance and stability improvements

Download the latest VPN Tracker for iOS version

VPN Tracker for iOS version 1.1 is available as a free update for all app users. You can download the latest version on the App Store.

Please note: A VPN Tracker for iOS VIP or Consultant or a VPN Tracker VIP+ or Consultant+ plan is required to try out the new VPN on Demand feature. Compare all VPN Tracker plan options here.

New to VPN Tracker? Get started today with a free 7 day trial and explore all the latest features for iPhone & iPad.

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