Sharing a VPN connection in TeamCloud

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Using VPN Tracker with team members? TeamCloud makes it easier than ever for you to roll out pre-configured VPN connections to your team to grant them secure remote access to the company network on Mac, iPhone or iPad.

This guide explains step-by-step how to share a VPN connection with your team in VPN Tracker TeamCloud.


Set up your VPN Tracker team

In order to use TeamCloud, you first need to have created a VPN Tracker team. This is easy and setup should only take a few minutes to complete.

Follow our step-by-step guide to get started →

VPN Tracker TeamCloud

What is TeamCloud?

VPN Tracker TeamCloud is a cloud-based solution for securely sharing VPN connections with team members. Create a connection on the web or in the VPN Tracker app and remotely roll it out to your team using end-to-end encryption.


In order to use TeamCloud, you need to have set up a VPN Tracker team for your organization.

To share connections in TeamCloud, a VPN Tracker Pro or VIP plan is required, as well as the Team Manager or Organizer role.

Share VPN with team members

To share a connection, log in to your VPN Tracker account, go to Team Connections, and choose Create Connection:

Create a new Team Connection

Then, choose your office gateway from the dropdown lists and follow the steps in the setup wizard to finish creating your connection.

Choose your gateway vendor and model

If you have questions about your VPN configuration, some useful resources include:

As soon as you have completed setup and saved your new connection, it will be available in your team's connection list when they log in to my.vpntracker:

View your team's shared connections


Connection sharing in the VPN Tracker app

As well as on the web, you can also configure and share VPN connections from right within VPN Tracker for Mac and VPN Tracker for iOS.

For iOS

In VPN Tracker for iPhone and iPad, log in, then tap the plus icon and select your team:

Create a new team connection on iOS

You can now follow the same setup steps as on the web. When finished, your saved connection will be made available to your team.

For Mac

In VPN Tracker for Mac, go to File > New > Company Connection to set up a new VPN Tracker configuration:

Choose your vendor and gateway, fill in your configuration information, and click Share with Team when finished:

Share VPN with team members in VPN Tracker for Mac

You will now be shown the TeamCloud share panel. Click Share with Team to grant all your team access:

VPN Tracker for Mac TeamCloud share panel

New users

The person receiving the connection needs to be a member of your VPN Tracker team and has to have set up their TeamCloud encryption keys.

This happens automatically when they open VPN Tracker and other Team members are online to approve. If another team member is not available, their TeamCloud setup can also be confirmed by a Team manager under

Team managers can grant new members connection access at

Zero-trust options for VPN

VPN Tracker also offers teams various zero-trust sharing options, so you always have full control over who has access to which VPN connections.

Hide connection details

Before you share your VPN connection in TeamCloud, go to Security. In the share panel, check the box "Hide connection details from team members":

Hide connection data from team members to minimize the risk of data leaks

When another team user selects the connection, fields with connection data (e.g. VPN gateway URL) will remain blank:

Hide connection settings for team members


Creating user groups

VPN Tracker user groups are another easy way to implement zero trust policy in your organization. Set up groups and configure role-based access to ensure users only have access to the connections they need.

To create new user groups, log in to your my.vpntracker account and go to Groups in the sidebar menu:

Add a new user group at


Give your new group a name


Once you have set up a group, click on the settings icon to add users and connections to it:

Select and invite group members via the dropdown


Select connections that group members should have access to


After a user group has been successfully configured, you can select it when inviting future members to your team or when creating new team connections:

Specify a user group when setting up a new connection

Update connection settings

Need to update the pre-shared key or network range for your VPN connection? With VPN Tracker TeamCloud you can easily roll out connection changes to your team - with no enduser action required.

Log in to your my.vpntracker account and go to Team Connections in the sidebar. Here you will see all your team's connections. Click on Edit to update the configuration:

Update your VPN connections on the web for all users


When you've finished making changes, click Save Configuration to update the connection and seamlessly roll out changes for all users:

Save new changes for everyone in your team

Updating a connection in VPN Tracker for Mac

You can also update connections directly in the VPN Tracker for Mac app. Choose a connection in the sidebar, click Configure, then make your changes and click Push to TeamCloud when done:

Update connections in the VPN Tracker app and push changes to TeamCloud

Delete a connection

If you want to remove a shared connection from your team, you can do so in the connections overview in your my.vpntracker account.

Choose the connection you want to delete and click the Details button:


In the details view, scroll down to the bottom of the panel to delete the connection:

Delete a team connection


Alternatively, right-click on a TeamCloud connection in the VPN Tracker for Mac app and select Remove from TeamCloud to delete for all users:

Delete a TeamCloud connection in VPN Tracker for Mac

New to VPN Tracker?

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