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Managing VPN Tracker subscriptions: All you need to know

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Your my.vpntracker account is your base for all subscription related information. On this page, we take you through all you need to know about managing your or your team's VPN Tracker subscriptions.


Accessing my.vpntracker

Head to my.vpntracker.com and log in with your equinux ID and password to get access to your subscription information.

Note: If you have set up 2FA (Two-Factor Authentication) for your account, you will also be prompted to enter your 2FA code before you gain access.

Log in with your equinux ID and password

Manage your current subscription

Once you've logged in to your my.vpntracker account, go to My Subscriptions in the sidebar menu for an overview of your current VPN Tracker plan:

View your current VPN Tracker plan


Here you can carry out different actions to manage your subscription:

Auto renewals

Use the slider to activate automatic renewals and ensure your license is renewed at your current rate. In this overview, you can always see when your license will be renewed and what the rate is:

If you deactivate the auto renewal slider, your subscription will end at the date shown.

We generally recommend leaving auto-renewal enabled to prevent any disruption to your VPN service: Our system always sends a reminder before your plan will auto-renew to give you plenty of time to deactivate auto-renewal if it's no longer required.



To explore cross-upgrade options, select Show Upgrades to be taken to the cross-upgrade portal:


Here you can select the new plan you wish to upgrade to from the dropdown menu:

Select your new plan


Afterwards, you will be shown your final total, including prorating discount, in the checkout view:


As soon as you complete the cross upgrade process, you will have instant access to all the additional features and benefits included in your new plan.

Update payment method

To update your payment method (e.g. if it has expired or if you have a new bank account), go to the heading Payment Method and click Edit:


Select "Choose another way to pay" and enter your new account information:

Expired subscriptions

Your subscriptions page also provides an overview of your expired plans. Scroll to the section Expired to see past subscriptions.

If you want to re-purchase, choose Purchase new plans to be directed to the VPN Tracker Store:

Locate invoices

Go to the Invoices tab in the sidebar to access a record of all your past VPN Tracker invoices:

View and download invoices

Team subscriptions

Using VPN Tracker with team members? Check out our Team Management guide for more information on how to manage team subscriptions for multiple users.

New to VPN Tracker?

Explore all plan options today in the VPN Tracker Store and start testing all the latest features.

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